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February 25, 2009

Kindle and Booksie Are Great Combination

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I purchased an Amazon Kindle about a month ago and finally took it out of its box.  I like it.  The interface is clean and the screen is easy to read.  The size makes it a better device for reading than a cellphone or an iPhone.

The best thing though is that I haven’t had to buy a book since I got one.  I’ve been busy loading writing from Booksie on the site as well as from Project Guttenberg.  Booksie gets me access to new writing and Guttenberg allows me to download classics.  Both can be done for free.

Below is a screenshot of my Kindle with a book from Booksie.

ntent on Amazon Kindle

ntent on Amazon Kindle

Downloading from either is pretty easy although there are a few steps you have to take:

From Booksie:

1. Click the Generate eBooks button on the right hand side of the content you are reading.

2. Download the file to your hard drive.

3. Email is to your Kindle using the email address they provide (this costs something like $.10.   Or you can email it to Amazon, they’ll convert it for you and then you can load it on to your Kindle using a USB connection.  This way takes about 10 minutes.

Downloading writing from Project Guttenberg is pretty much the same.

The Kindle itself costs $359 so you’ll have to decide if it’s worth it.  I also use the Kindle to download books from Amazon, newspaper subscriptions, and more.


March 6, 2008

Blog versus Publishing Site

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I’ve given a lot of thought to publishing my writing on a Blog like this versus a creative writing site like Booksie.com.  I think there are advantages to both:



  • You own the site totally and can change the style, background, colors, etc.
  • You can place ads on your pages.
  • You can get your own domain – phillanuto.com.


  • It’s hard to attract people to read your writing.
  • Creative work in not indexed well across the Web.
  • I have some ads up and don’t make much money off them so who cares about ads
  • I have to keep writing to attract peope to my Blog.

Writing Sites (Booksie)


  • Instant audience.
  • The site is set up so that you can easily display your portfolio. It doesn’t have to be in chronological order.
  • Your work is indexed so that readers can easily find it.
  • There are kindred writers to interact with.
  • The site features the top work for even more exposure


  • Inability to customize page.
  • Lack of some control
  • Url that is not totally personalized: booksie.com/phillanuto

My preference is to publish on Booksie and then link to work from Blogs like this.  I find I get most of what I want on a publishing site like it and I’ve sent a bunch of emails to the admins asking them to incorporate more Blog-like features.  Once they do, it will be an even easier decision.

You can view my Booksie page at:


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