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March 6, 2008

Blog versus Publishing Site

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I’ve given a lot of thought to publishing my writing on a Blog like this versus a creative writing site like Booksie.com.  I think there are advantages to both:



  • You own the site totally and can change the style, background, colors, etc.
  • You can place ads on your pages.
  • You can get your own domain – phillanuto.com.


  • It’s hard to attract people to read your writing.
  • Creative work in not indexed well across the Web.
  • I have some ads up and don’t make much money off them so who cares about ads
  • I have to keep writing to attract peope to my Blog.

Writing Sites (Booksie)


  • Instant audience.
  • The site is set up so that you can easily display your portfolio. It doesn’t have to be in chronological order.
  • Your work is indexed so that readers can easily find it.
  • There are kindred writers to interact with.
  • The site features the top work for even more exposure


  • Inability to customize page.
  • Lack of some control
  • Url that is not totally personalized: booksie.com/phillanuto

My preference is to publish on Booksie and then link to work from Blogs like this.  I find I get most of what I want on a publishing site like it and I’ve sent a bunch of emails to the admins asking them to incorporate more Blog-like features.  Once they do, it will be an even easier decision.

You can view my Booksie page at:



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